Mechanisms of Pain and Opioid Pharmacology and Opioid Medications: Efficacy and Risks


Dr. Norman Miller, M.D., JD, Medical director, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Psychiatrist,

Thersilla Oberbarnscheidt, M.D, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Central Michigan University

My Dear Researchers,

As a member of organizing committee of the International Conference and Exhibition on Dual Diagnosis, It is my pleasure to invite you to this important event during November 11, 2015 at Central Michigan University, USA.

Welcome to an important conference regarding common, problematic drug and alcohol use in psychiatric populations.

We have the opportunity to identify drug and alcohol use and addiction as a cause of psychiatric symptoms. DSM-5 guides us on how to exclude effects of alcohol and drugs before making the correct psychiatric diagnosis. Over 50% of the chronic mentally ill population use drugs and alcohol problematically with adverse consequences. Identification and treatment of alcohol and drug use and addiction are vital to our success in treating these people. We are in a unique position to improve and save lives.

The Conference, hosted by the OMICS International Organization, will include workshops, presentations and forums dedicated to sharing skills and understanding in the treatment of all addictive disorders, including alcohol and other drugs, behavioral addictions, and the emerging field of online compulsive behavior in both adults and children.

A priority aim of this Conference will also be to deepen our understanding around the interrelationship of addictive disorders between each other, as well as with mental health, Addiction Psychiatry, family, community, and culture.

The Conference promotes and encourages participation from all parts of the sector towards a shared appreciation of what medical, psychosocial and peer based approaches can offer, through the experiences of service users, clinicians, and researchers alike.

I am very happy and delighted to participate at this event and anticipate interesting discussion with my colleagues at Chicago in Dual Diagnosis Conference.

Once again I am delighted to invite you to support us in this conference.

With Regards

Norman S. Miller M.D., J.D., PLLC

Director of Addiction Medicine

Michigan State University, USA




Dual Diagnosis 2016 will provide an opportunity for all marketing societies working on Drug addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders to talk about their work. Dual Diagnosis 2016 will congregate renowned speakers, investigators, Nobel laureates, neurology scientists and Drug addiction and Psychiatry researchers from both academia and health care industry will join together to discuss their views and research. The conference will be operated by world class experts in the field of neurology. International symposiums, B2B meetings, workshops will also be organised to discuss the specific topics in the field of Dual Diagnosis, Drug addiction, mental illness and Neurological disorders.